The first Model United Nations conference was held in 1949 in the United States of America. Over the years, MUN has evolved and become a key factor in gathering and educating youth about global issues in many countries. Established in 2008, SLMUN is the primary simulation of the United Nations conference in Sri Lanka, and is the pioneer of any MUN related program in the country.It is also one of Asias largest student-run United Nations simulations with over 100 participating schools and 800+ delegates participating for the annual conference.

At SLMUN, the core objective is to foster a sense of diplomacy and negotiating skills within the youth to create true and fair leaders.We encourage young voices to rise up and make a difference irrelevant of background and age.

2022 will mark 15 years of the SLMUN conference providing a platform for passionate individuals to tackle various global issues such as poverty, climate change, inequality and humanitarian crisis that encompass the globe, giving them an opportunity to provide their insight while also providing an equal chance to build and nurture fundamental skills such as leadership, analytical skills, public relations, complex problem solving and public speaking.