Adapting to a New World: SLMUN Takes Steps to Enrich the Delegate Experience 

By Umaama Hussein

The Sri Lanka Model United Nations Conference is the main simulation of a United Nations conference in Sri Lanka. More than 800 delegates from over 100 schools take part in this event each year, making it one the most anticipated events by students across Sri Lanka and the world, alike.

The upcoming conference marks 14 transformational years of SLMUN, during this period the organization has grown into the largest student run United Nations simulation in Asia. Hence, this is a well-established and recognized platform that aids youth in tackling global issues ranging from poverty and inequality to climate change and humanitarian crises. In addition, many delegates view SLMUN An opportunity that allows them the space to develop vital skills in leadership, teamwork, analytical skills, complex problem solving, public relations, and public speaking.

The theme for this year’s conference is, “Restless for Change”. While many of us have been stuck in isolation, the many injustices and pitfalls in the global community have become more apparent; and as a result we are more driven than ever before. Therefore, we believe this to be an extremely relevant and timely topic, especially for the youth of today, who are breaking barriers and defining this age of transformation.

This year we will be simulating committees: First General Assembly (GA1); Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM), commonly known as GA3; Sixth General Assembly (GA6); United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC); Security Council (SC); World Health Assembly (WHA); United Nations Environment Program (UNEP); Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP); and our new introduction, International Cricket Council (ICC). Additionally, the International Press Corps will also be simulated with 6 six news agencies. The conference and practice debate topics for each committee will be out very soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for them as well.

Most importantly, registrations for SLMUN XIV are now open for delegates, admins, and IPC delegates until the 30th of June 2021, and their country allocations will be released by the 10th of July. Late registrations will be open from the 1st of July to the 5th of August 2021, with country allocations being released by the 10th of August. 

However, are you worried because you have not the slightest idea the difference between a Point of Information and a Point of Entertainment? Worry not for the SLMUN experience this year will be further enriched by the launch of online training. The Executive Committee are using their knowledge and experience with MUN to train delegates and provide resources to aid their learning. Online training provides a platform that can be accessed country-wide – something that is essential, especially during the prevailing pandemic. Delegates who attend these training sessions will be guided to understand and familiarize themselves with the proceedings and various protocols of debates. Committee descriptions and explanations will be provided, along with video tutorials, basic information on MUN objectives, and structure of speeches among many other lessons and resources. These online training sessions are completely free of charge – but the skills learned are priceless. If you have already attended the SLMUN online training sessions and simply cannot get enough – we will announce the workshop dates soon. We hope that delegates will take full advantage of these opportunities and thus, have a greater SLMUN experience.

Furthermore, study guides will be provided for each committee for the delegates’ perusal. A delegate’s study guide is one of the most important resources available to them as it is a compiled set of information on their committees, mandates, and objectives. Study guides help delegates acquaint themselves with the workings of their specific committees.

We hope to see many promising and excited delegates registering for SLMUN XIV and taking advantage of these resources available to them!