Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

The Disciplinary Panel of Sri Lanka Model United Nations has the right to dismiss any participant from conference due to infringement of any regulation stated below. SLMUN will strictly make obligatory the following code of conduct:


It is compulsory that delegates abide by the instructions and advice given by any faculty advisor or conference staff member.

Delegates who do not comply with the directions given will be subjected to suspension or permanent expulsion from conference given the gravity of the offence.


ID cards which will be issued to all delegates on the first day of the conference. Each delegate is expected to wear it visibly throughout the 3 days of conference.

Keep in mind that this is the only form of identification which will be accepted by the conference staff, the building officials and the building security.

Tight security measures will be implemented during the days of the conference. Delegates who do not act in accordance with the security measures will be removed from the conference premises.


Delegates are not allowed to use laptops, mobile phones and PDAs while committee sessions are in order. If any delegate is caught using an electronic device by the conference staff, it will be confiscated till the adjournment of committee sessions and cause the delegate to be suspended from session for a time span decided by the head table. Please be notified that SLMUN is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property.


Delegates are not allowed to carry with them or use any clauses from prewritten resolutions by the United Nations, affiliated UN Organizations or products of any other Model United Nations conference conducted prior to the session in discussion. If any delegate is observed with any kind of resolution mentioned above by the conference staff, the said documents will be confiscated at that instance. Proven plagiarism and attempts for plagiarism will not be entertained by any chairing panel within the conference. Delegates will be penalized strictly, if found.


Delegates are responsible for their own trash. After adjournment of committee sessions, each delegate must clean his/her area before leaving the committee room even after lunch and caucusing.

Individuals will be held responsible for noted vandalism and damage that occurs to their rooms and property they use.

Delegates are encouraged to take measures to maintain ones personal hygiene during the 3 days of conference and to not subject to any discomfiture any other delegates around you by your habits and practices.

We believe that being clean and proper reflects the strength of a delegates personality and hence encourages the same.


Sexual annoyance is strictly prohibited at any point during the practice debates and conference. The Disciplinary Panel of SLMUN defines sexual annoyance as:

Unnecessary sexually motivated acts that may take the form of unsuitable sexual or indicative comments, sounds, jokes and unwanted touching or contact

Such behavior that has the intention or effect of irrationally interfering with an individuals performance or of creating a threatening, aggressive or unpleasant educational, social, living or working background would not be tolerated.

In the event of one experiencing any form of sexual annoyance, it should be instantaneously reported to a faculty advisor or a conference staff member without delay.

Furthermore, please be aware that delegates are not permitted to maintain any form of physical contact with delegates in your own committee or other committees, conference staff members or executive committee members. This rule applies to physical contact with both peers of the opposite sex and the same sex.


Cigarettes, alcohol and illicit drugs are banned in the conference premises at all times. Any delegate caught in possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be barred from the conference immediately without any further questioning following which necessary legal action will be taken with regard to the guilty parties.


Delegates will be photographed during committee sessions for the purpose of maintaining records of conference. No delegate is permitted to leave committee session at odd hours to
take photographs with ones peers. If found, the delegate will be penalized for irresponsible


All delegates attending Sri Lanka Model United Nations must adhere to the following dress code.

As a common role, delegates must be dressed in Western business attire.

Delegates who are not adequately dressed to meet the set standards of the conference, will be dismissed from it.


A suit always looks professional and is the best option. Be sure to keep suits clean and wrinkle free.


Men and boys must wear a collared button down shirt that should be tucked in at all times.

Ladies may wear a blouse, sweater or button down shirt. Dresses are also appropriate as long as they are not above ones knee-length.


If delegates wish to, they may wear the Sri Lankan National Dress or the national dress of the country which they are representing on the third day of conference.

However, delegates must keep in mind that what you wear also represents the culture that you have been brought up in. If the national dress of the country you are representing does not particularly agree with your own culture by birth or views of your nation for legitimate reasons, please refrain from wearing such attire to the conference.

Ladies may wear a sari in an appropriate and decent manner. Sleeveless and transparent saree jackets with deep neck lines are not permitted to be worn within conference premises.


Slacks and suit pants are acceptable, preferably in dark colors. Ladies may wear skirts as long as they are knee-length. No jeans or shorts can be worn for practice debates or conference.


Ladies may wear stilettos provided that they are comfortable to be worn the entire day. Open toe shoes must be professional.

Men and boys should wear dress shoes.

Comfortable footwear is advised as the conference venue is very large and may require a significant amount of walking to get through.

Sneakers, sandals or flip flops (commonly known as slippers) are not permitted to be worn within conference premises.


Keep hair looking professional at all times; hairstyle should not distract from your overall appearance. Delegates should refrain from dying their hair in artificial colors (i.e. Pink, blue etc.) in the weeks prior to the conference.

Men are expected to shave before conference in order to maintain the decorum that should be maintained at a high school conference.


If a delegate has facial piercings that are not for cultural purposes, and not on the ears, please refrain from wearing rings or studs during the conference for a professional appearance.

Delegates who have tattoos are urged to wear clothes that cover them during conference.

Men are advised against wearing bracelets, friendship bands and other forms of jewelry that distract oneself from the professional composure one should have.


Delegates are advised to be punctual when it comes to all activities set by the agenda of the practice debates and conference. Arriving late, constantly being out of place and unaware of proceedings will lead to the negative marking of the delegate. It is mandatory that a diplomat works on time.

Faculty Advisors and Delegates must be informed that consistency is a key factor that will be taken into consideration when issuing certificates for participants. It is mandatory that a delegate attends a minimum of 5 out of 6 sessions on conference dates. Any student failing to do so will not receive a certification of participation. Such a delegate will not be eligible for awards. No requests for exceptions will be entertained to maintain fairness in conference administration.


Delegates must keep in mind that all conference participants hail from diverse cultures and societies and thus, may have different perspectives of their own.

We request that you keep an open mind throughout conference, appreciate diversity and show due respect to all other participants in every way possible.


All delegates are expected to maintain diplomacy even when passing notes and interacting with other delegates during committee session.

The conference staff reserves the right to spot check all notes at all times during session. Inappropriate conduct of this nature during sessions may result in temporary suspension or disqualification of the delegation from awards at the conference.

Sri Lanka Model United Nations will recognize delegates and delegations that perform exceptionally well in every aspect of the conference. But in order to be acknowledged those delegates and delegations must maintain decorum at all times and be true diplomats by word and deed.