practice debate topic- Reconsidering the role of universal basic income in contemporary society


Conference topic- Rethinking global approaches and solutions to tax evasion,tax avoidance and money laundering.

United Nations Economic and Social Council

ECOSOC is the abbreviated term used for the United Nations Economic and Social Council, one of the six principle councils that make up the United Nations as a whole, also identified as the largest and most complex subsidiary of the UN. It is the central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development, responsible for coordinating the economic and social fields of the organization, specifically in regards to the 15 specialised agencies, the eight functional commissions and the five regional commissions under its jurisdiction. ECOSOC serves as the central mechanism for the activities of the United Nations system and its specialized agencies, and supervises the subsidiary and expert bodies in the economic, social and environmental fields.

ECOSOC was established by the UN Charter in 1945, The first meeting was convened from the 23 January to 18 February 1946. In 1991 ECOSOC’s High-level policy dialogue with the heads of the Bretton Woods institutions, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade, the creation of a substantive session of 4-5 weeks, alternating between Geneva and New York and the creation of a High-level Segment, a Coordination Segment, an Operational Activities Segment and a Committee Segment where concluded. In 1998 the first meeting of the BWIs with ECOSOC and the first humanitarian affairs segment is held. Thus, began the great contributions from the ECOSOC to the UN. Promoting higher standards of living, finding solutions to international economic, social and health related problems, encouraging universal respect for human rights are some of the functions of the United Nations Economic Council.

The objective of stimulating ECOSOC in SLMUN 2020 is to address issues related to global health ,economic growth and social progress  in a practical and an effective manner. Hence we are open to delegates with a thorough knowledge about the current economic and health situation in the world , who are interested in finding solutions to the current socio-economic problems and health challenges in a more visionary aspect. 

The conference topic for ECOSOC for SLMUN 2020 is “Rethinking global approaches and solutions to tax evasion,tax avoidance and money laundering.” We expect our delegates to come up with constructive arguments and feasible solutions to the problems addressed. Since this is the first time that this committee is been stimulated in SLMUN we hope the delegates would set high standards for the future MUNers while making this a memorable experience for both the delegates and the head table.

In conclusion, we hope to make this brand new addition to SLMUN 2020 a wonderful encounter for all our delegates promising that you would leave our committee at the end of conference with a better and advanced knowledge of the international system along with a bundle of incredible memories that you would cherish for a lifetime .