Practice Debate Topic – 2035: The Vacant Russian Federation Seat: To Redeem or

Conference Topic – 2030: Reforming the United Nations Security Council

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Futuristic Security Council

This is a committee that needs no introduction if you plan on going for it. The United Nations Security council is the principal decision making body on almost all resolutions that are passed on by other UN arms. Nothing passes from the UN without a vote from the United Nations Security Council. The UNSC comprises of 15 members; 5 permanent members and 10 non-permanent members.

However, this time for the 15th session of SLMUN the UNSC will be a lot different. As we grow closer and closer to the future of diplomacy and modern-day security threats, the UNSC at SLMUN 2022 will be a Futuristic Security Council comprising of discussions and decisions that will be simulated on topic of interest that could potentially be our future.