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DISEC-General Assembly One

“Being an embodiment of one of the founding committees of the United Nations, the 1st General Assembly or the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is one of the most important committees in the arena of international discourse. Entertaining the participation of all UN member and observer nations, the GA1 performs discourse on matters of international security ranging from global nuclear disarmament to combating piracy on the high seas to even discussing about the rise of different types of weapons. While the mandate of this committee is limited to only passing non-legally binding resolutions, the aim of the committee is to formulate a comprehensive resolution encompassing the foreign policies of a majority of nations, and most importantly to streamline it such that the resolution passes in the UNSC when reviewed. The objective of the committee therefore is not to conduct a stagnant form of debate but to perform constructive debate dedicated to formulating solutions to the nitty-gritties of the agenda.

Most importantly, the 1st GA is a committee that is suitable for both novice and experienced delegates due to its vast and interesting mandate. While delegates need to be well researched and present strong analysis and facts to appeal to the head table within this committee, lobbying and winning over the other delegates in the committee is also an important factor in a large committee like the 1st GA. In conclusion, being a committee for both the elite and the novice, the 1st General Assembly is definitely a committee that should be experienced by all MUNers before the end of their career.”