practice debate topic-Evaluating the consequences of the climate-sensitive consumerism and fostering sustainable economic and environmental transformations in order to combat the existing food,water,energy insecurities.


Conference topic- Discussing and Confronting the alarming economic,social and geopolitical challenges caused by Climate Change

Global Summit on Climate Change 2020

The Global Summit on Climate Change 2020 (GSCC20) is a forum which will gather leading green energy practitioners from around the world in a hope to support and showcase ‘Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement’ based on the principles of justice and equality, therein promoting and protecting health. The said conference will be organized by the World Health Organization in allegiance with the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA).

Formed as an initiative to assess progress in dealing with climate change, they serve as a formal meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Parties. The first of these conferences were held in Geneva in 1979. As of status quo, it is a well known problem that the effects of global warming are increasing drastically coupled with many another problem such as acid rain, making it almost impossible for the Earth to be habituated for the generations to come. Carbon emissions and oil spillages and the plethora of other problems that as a whole define climate change, should be kept at bay for altogether prevention is after all better than cure. 

At the GSCC20 at Sri Lanka Model United Nations 2020 delegates are expected to be thoroughly researched and highly aware of the mandate of the committee and engage in high quality debate and discourse, not limited to the confines of the topic at hand. The topic this year round for the GSCC simulated at the thirteenth session of SLMUN will be ‘discussing and confronting the alarming economic, social and geopolitical challenges caused by climate change.’  While we encourage novice delegates to actively engage in discussions, one must be aware that this isn’t one of those committees that one can hope to win at without a substantial amount of research. Delegates are expected to be thoroughly researched on their individual foreign policies, in order to bring forward right to replies and foreign policy violations as well as holistic solutions to the topic at hand. Our highly competent set of three chairs will see to whether committee proceedings will run smoothly and overall in providing an unforgettable experience, full to the brim with diplomacy and discourse, for the delegates.

The SLMUN Executive Committee wishes you good luck!