Message from the Charge’ D Affairs

It is a great privilege to pen these lines for the 15th Session of Sri Lanka Model UN Conference.

With a strong foundation of success this 15th session promised to be innovative and exciting with dynamic and Challenging Committees appealing to a wide range of backgrounds and interest. SLMUN provides a professional and organized Conference to delegates unlikely any other on the circuit.

We live in an era where international borders are relegated to lines drawn on a map. The unrelenting march of technological innovation has smashed through all barriers and transformed the world in to a tiny village. No country can exist in isolation from the rest of the world anymore and this calls for an increasing demand for skilled diplomats who can represent their nation in the global arena and resolve conflicts not through weapons, but through negotiation and compromise.

The goal of SLMUN is to encourage youngsters to learn about issues that affect the world and guide them to find peaceful solutions to those problems through diplomacy. Our hope is that this will help ignite the spark and inspire future diplomats while educating the rest about global issues and conflict resolution techniques. As John F Kennedy once said, All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents. These words perfectly encapsulate the spirit that drives SLMUN.

R.L. Ellawala
Charge D’ Affairs