Practice Debate Topic: Evaluating the Partnership for Peace program in the current context.

Conference Topic: Russian aggression towards Eastern Europe with special emphasis on the situation in Ukraine.

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The North Atlantic Treaty also known as the North Atlantic Alliance was established right after World War Two. The purpose of the NATO is to provide defense to member states when they are under attack by an external party. NATO is primarily a political and military alliance. It was formed to strengthen and unify the West, and in response to the Warsaw Treaty Organization formed by the former USSR and its allies. “Security in our daily lives is key to our well-being.” NATO’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. NATO promotes democracy and provides a platform for its members to cooperate on defense and security related issues to solve problems, build trust and prevent conflicts. Regarding NATO’s military efforts, it is committed to peaceful resolution of disputes and conflicts. However, in the event that diplomatic and peaceful methods fail, NATO has the military power to undertake crisis-management operations. These are carried out under the collective defense clause of NATO’s founding treaty – Article 5 of the Washington Treaty or under a United Nations mandate, alone or in cooperation with other countries and international organizations.