Hey Everybody!!
Welcome to the second edition of the SLMUN Newsletter! Since it’s been a decade since we started way back in 2007, this year’s EXCO is working extra hard to make sure that this year’s conference would be a fun and memorable one.

The General Meeting held at The Margha Institute held on the 11 th of March 2017
The meeting started off with our Secretary General Dimitra and Under Secretary General Venuri Explaining to the EXCO the method of chairing committees at the conference and at Practice Debates. The spokespeople for each of their respective schools were told to inform their schools about SLMUN Conference. USG Venuri K gave the EXCO a breakdown of the committees that are present and how delegates should maintain decorum. There was discussion of finance and the awards scheme. The marking scheme was discussed. After all discussions were over Mr. Ellawallas position and his role in SLMUN was told by Dimitra to the rest of the EXCO.

In other news our EXCO has been pretty active on our ‘Whatsapp’ group and have bonded with each member of the exco. Even though Sandy lives almost on the other side of the world she does take time off of her busy schedule to interact with us who live in Sri Lanka. And various memes have been made of
the picture that Chamath took of Roosindu aka Roo and never fails to amuse the rest of us.

Our EXCO also participated in the Redbull World Run that was held on the 7 th of May 2017. And our Under Secretary General of Finance Chamath thought it
would be appropriate to go for a run in slippers. And Reshman runs into a tree
but claims it wasn’t his fault because it was obviously the tree’s fault right? I mean who knew a tree was running as well in the race and decided to run into our own Finance Officer Reshmaan Mahamoor. All in all they seemed to have an amazing day.