Greetings Delegates,

This is to inform you that Sri Lanka Model United Nations for the year 2022 shall adopt a working paper as the written component of conference. The deadline to submit the aforementioned foreign policy statement shall be 12 AM on the date of the second practice debate. Please note that this deadline does not apply to the delegates of the Security Council as they may submit their statement before the formal commencement of conference day 1.

Find herewith attached the template for the working paper.

Word limit shall be 1500 words excluding citations.

Foreign Policy Statement Template


Now open for the 15th Session of SLMUN!

Registrations Phase 1

9th May – 14th July

Registrations Phase 2

15th July – 14th August

Registration Fee

5,000 LKR
Per Attendee

Late Registration Fee

5,500 LKR

Institution Fee

2,000 LKR
(School Registration only)

Account Details

Paid in favor of “Sri Lanka Model United Nations
At Nations Trust Bank Rajagiriya
Account Number 100150008632


Upon making the payment, a clear picture or scanned copy of the receipt should be emailed to [email protected] and [email protected]. Your allocations will only be given if the payment has been made.


  • 1. A single institution is allowed a maximum of 25 Delegate Allotments
  • 2. Each private candidate is expected to submit a scanned copy of the document of payment, a copy of your Passport or NIC along with a letter of consent from his or her parent or guardian.
  • 3. Private delegate applications from candidates from schools that are already sending delegates will not be considered.
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