Kindly submit your entry forms and proceed with the payment while keeping in mind that a single institution is allowed a maximum of 25 delegate allotments and a maximum of 3 admin staff allotments.

The faculty advisor is advised to secure a copy of the document of payment to avoid any problems that may arise due to un-identification of sources.

School Registration Form

                           Priority Registration  :  6th May – 20th  June 2020

(all payments should be settled before 25th June)

                           Late Registration         :  25th June – 31st July 2020

(all payments should be settled before 8th August)

3,000 LKR
Institution Fees

4,000 LKR
Delegate Fees

4,000 LKR
Admin Staff Fees

Normal Registration is open now until the 20th of June. Late Registration will apply from the 25th of June onwards with the Delegate Fee of Rs. 4500

4,500 LKR
Late Registration Fees

Private Delegate


After you have registered on our database, an email notifying the acceptance of your application will be sent to you. On receiving the aforementioned email, you are expected to proceed with payment of the delegate fee.

4,000 LKR
Registration Fees

Each private candidate is expected to submit a scanned copy of the document of payment, a copy of your Passport or NIC along with a letter of consent from his or her parent or guardian.

Please be noted that private delegate applications from candidates from schools that are already sending delegates will not be considered.

IPC Delegate


4,000 LKR
Registration Fees

Account Details :

Paid in favour of “Sri Lanka Model United Nations” at
Hatton National Bank Maradana
Account Number 108010073221

*Please send us a scanned copy or clear picture of the receipt of payment.  before august 7th 2020.

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