SLMUN Committees for 2022

Sri Lanka Model United Nations is the primary simulation of the United Nations conference in Sri Lanka. 2022 marks 15 years of the SLMUN conference, providing a basis for young delegates to focus on combating global issues, with the aim of fostering a sense of diplomacy and negotiating skills within the minds of future leaders. This year, we hope to tackle many areas of importance in relation to the current state of affairs locally as well as internationally. As a result, the committees for this year’s conference have been introduced to ensure favourable debate and the creation of practical solutions.


International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organisation of 190 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth. Established in 1944 under the authority of its 44 founding member states, the IMF builds a framework for international economic cooperation.


The United Nations Specialised General Assembly (UNSGA)

The United Nations Specialised General Assembly (UNSGA) acts as a special committee in which all member nations are given equal representation. It is one of the six main organs of the United Nations, serving as the main deliberative, policymaking, and representative organ of the UN. This committee deals with situations of global threats to peace, security and the general well being of the international community, while seeking out effective solutions to overcome these issues.


World Health Organisation

The WHO is one of the vital components of the United Nations. With the aim of protecting the global population from various aspects of diseases, the WHO plays a huge role in controlling the spread of diseases including the COVID-19 Pandemic, by administering medical treatments, vaccines, relocation programs and focusing on their principle objective of providing universal health care, disregarding one’s race, religion, cultural background, economic status and age.


Futuristic Security Council

The United Nations Security council acts as the primary decision making body for most resolutions passed on by other UN arms. The UNSC comprises of 15 members; 5 permanent members and 10 non-permanent members. This year, for the 15th session of SLMUN, the functioning of the UNSC will be beyond the standard procedure. The Futuristic Security Council will be the committee acting as the UNSC for SLMUN 2022, in which debate will be based on a simulated topic of interest.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

The North Atlantic Treaty also known as the North Atlantic Alliance was established as a political and military alliance with the primary objective of providing defence to its member states against threats from external nations. It has contributed to providing a basis to promote democracy and peaceful resolution of conflicts by addressing security related issues within its territory. 


Youth Assembly

SLMUN 2022 introduces the Youth Assembly, a bi-annual event aiming to uphold conversation between delegates in relation to the current plight and future of Sri Lanka. Its objective is to provide students a platform to tackle issues that affect our own nation by directly addressing various stakeholders and providing improvements for possible solutions. The Youth Assembly consists of three sub committees, focusing on key areas of importance –  The Independent/ Individual Commission Reforms Committee, the Assembly on legal reforms and the Assembly on economic policy reforms.


United Nations High Commission on Refugees

The UNHCR is an agency of the United Nations, which focuses on aiding and protecting refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless individuals. On a non-political and humanitarian basis, the UNHCR aims to protect the rights of all refugees internationally by introducing permanent and effective solutions.


 International Press Corps

The International Press Corps (IPC) as the name suggests, is a “press” which can be introduced as a media group of journalists. The delegates in the IPC assume the roles of correspondents for a variety of international news agencies and organisations. They take responsibility in sharing information on current affairs by providing reports on major events that occur around the world. As the IPC acts as a vital source of information in today’s society, at SLMUN 2022, we hope to provide aspiring writers and journalists a platform for them to express their talent through paper.