Conference topic – Promoting human rights and accountability in the ongoing Israel-Palestine
humanitarian crisis.

Practice Debate topic – Assessing the right to upload democratic principles in the Asian region with emphasis on the Burmese Crisis.


The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly also known as The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM), is one of the 6 main deliberative organs of the United Nations. The 3rd General Assembly is tasked with deliberating on matters that relate to human rights in a broader sense. Whilst the HRC is focused one specific actions and resolution whilst the  broad mandate of SOCHUM comprises of a spectrum of social and cultural problems which include;

o The right to life and expression of culture 

o Freedom of political participation

o Women’s and children’s rights

o Promotion of social development

o Indigenous and Refugee treatment

o Elimination of racism and discrimination

Since many of the issues involving human rights are wide ranging, GA3 works with not only other general assemblies  but also other organizations such as the WHO, UNICEF, UNHCR and ECOSOC to ensure that the resolutions are practically applicable to the effect that it can institute  real change and that they are effectively implemented. However, like all General Assemblies , GA3’s resolutions, decisions, and recommendations have no legal binding effect upon any of the members, although they carry the weight of the mutual foreign policies amalgamated from the majority of the members states as well as the superior morality of the international community.

First convened in 1948 during the 3rd session of the General Assembly, along with the establishment of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, GA3 has become one of the most important bodies in the United Nations, due to the range of affairs that the declaration deals with. As social issues are inherent to almost all other conflicts that the UN encounters; such as refugees, overpopulation, social welfare and discrimination issues, the solutions formulated by the Third Committee often encompass the work of other, more specialized United Nations bodies or committees.

The simulation of GA3 at SLMUN 2021 is in order  to allow all delegates to participate equally in a vibrant debate. Since the committee targets changes and developments on a cultural and social affairs, delegates must be quite familiar with their country’s policies and cultures so that they can accurately represent them when the committee discusses its topic. 

The goal of this committee will be to build a consensus to support and pass a resolution that thoroughly addresses the topic under discussion, while also respecting the differing goals and opinions of all member states. With this goal in mind, delegates should develop and support resolutions that align with their country’s policies, without abandoning their own country’s goals in favor of the resolution.

We hope every delegate who joins this committee will leave with invaluable experience and unforgettable memories.