Practice Debate Topic: Discussing the rehabilitation and protection of rights of IDPs, with special emphasis on African nations.

Conference Topic: Addressing the Refugee Crisis in Ukraine

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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The UNHCR is directly responsible for handling Refugee situations on a global scale. This includes protection, provision of basic facilities, advocacy, resettlement, and monitoring of the refugee population. The UNHCR works to ensure the above criteria through compliance with the 1951 Refugee Convention, the 1954 Convention on statelessness, the 1967 protocol, and other regional-based treaties for safeguarding refugees. All problems related to immigration, IDPs, statelessness, and asylum fall under the mandate of the UNHCR. The High Commission works under the supervision of the 3rd General Assembly which allows it to address problems related to refugees on a global scale to a national basis if required to combat them irrespective of geographical barriers.