Sri Lanka Model United Nations, best known as SLMUN, is a simulation of the United Nations. In 2008, Sri Lanka Model United Nations was born and in 2019 it stands  as the largest student run Model United Nations in the whole of South  Asia , accompanying over 10 committees ,100 schools and 1000 delegates.

The IPC was initiated in 2008 and since then it has succeeded in providing all ambitious writers firsthand experience of international journalism. In 2018 , the IPC recorded the highest delegate count with 50 journalists. This was a result of the guidance of the Under Secretary General of News and Media Muqaddasa Wahid and Editor-in-chief Amana Iflal along with the assistance of the News and Media Team of 2018. The IPC will be headed by Shenali Perera for SLMUN 2019 with the assistance of the Director of News and Media Amana Iflal and Editor in chief Chethasi Kudagamage.


As an IPC Delegate one will be allocated to one of the news agencies present at SLMUN and they will be given the chance to be a part of a mock UN committees hosted by SLMUN.

Reporters of the IPC will not merely report the council proceedings. It is not an agenda reporting but more of a debate analysis.┬á IPC delegates will listen and analyze the debates in their respective committees and present articles at the end of each day. The delegates are given access to use their laptops, cameras and recorders to aid their article. What is expected of an IPC delegate is to deliver an article comprising these debates from any angle they have chosen within the mandate of their news agency. This may sound simple yet practically it could be quite tricky. As an inherit journalist, when reporting┬á on these international politics to the general public, the greatest challenge is to stay unbiased of oneÔÇÖs personal opinions . What journalists actually do is distorting the information at their disposal in favor of the biases of their news agency. E.g.: Al Jazeera journalists will compose their articles in favor of Middle Eastern nations.



The aim of introducing the International Press Corps to SLMUN was to encourage and develop the skills of those who look to pursue a career in journalism or even just to sharpen their skills as writers. The articles of the delegates are marked and graded by the experienced panel of the News and Media Team using a standard marking scheme. The delegates are entitled to many awards such as the Most Outstanding News Agency and Best Journalist.


Overall, the IPC has the effect of creating an environment where the main intent lies in optimizing one’s gathering, assessing and presenting news. The IPC not only enables delegates to weave information into a newsworthy sensation but also allows it to be conveyed in such transparency that it helps delegates understand people’s sense of justice.