Practice Debate Topic -  Reaffirming the need for an alternative to antibiotic treatments, as a means of containing the rising global threat of superbugs.

Conference Topic -  Tackling social issues relating to the global phenomenon of mental health, with special emphasis on the lack of understanding, social stigma and the lack of accessibility to treatment facilities.

World Health Assembly

The World Health Organization is an organization established by the United Nations on April 7th, 1948 with the signing of its constitution by 61-member nations in 1946. The World Health Organization has devoted itself for the development of international public health and sanitation.

The Head office of the World Organization is located in Geneva, Switzerland. All WHO operations are coordinated with over 150 offices in 150 nations of the world. The WHOÔÇÖs main priorities include that of the management of communicable diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Malaria and Ebola and also the management of non ÔÇô communicable diseases such as Cancers and Heart Diseases. Special attention has also been drawn towards the development of reproductive health in the world. The research agenda of is also set by the WHO in order to engage in research for the production of viable and long-term cure for the diseases under the WHO watch list. The International standards and benchmarks of health facilities and medications are also set up by the World Health Organization as a means of improving the access of quality medication to all. The WHO functions through the donations of the member nations and small commitments by private institutions.

The World Health Assembly (WHA) is the decision-making body of the WHO and is responsible for the determination of the policies of the WHO, appointment of the Director General, supervision of the financial policies and reviewing and approving the programme budget. The WHA working in tandem with the WHO has been able to successfully respond to the Cholera Outbreak in Syria, The Yellow Fever Outbreak in Brazil, preventing the spread of polio in Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon and Niger adding to the success story of the WHA and Who in recent times proving to be an effective and capable organization.